The Top Rated Identity Theft Protection Companies.

What does identity protection and data security look like for 2017? With the advent of new hacker strategies and malicious use of the stolen data the battlefield has changed. Security companies must adopt new tactics to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to respond to any type of security incident. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, companies must try to provide a snapshot of what could take place in 2017. Get more information from these top rated identity theft protection companies.

With tiered pricing and service levels that include up to $1 million in identity recovery services, LifeLock is invested in ID theft prevention. Its app offers real-time updates, keeping users informed about identity threats.

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TrustedID goes beyond identity protection by offering prevention products. Using the company’s services, consumers can search millions of public and private databases to determine their level of volubility and risk.

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ProtectMyID is an identity protection company backed by Experian, an industry leader in credit monitoring. ProtectMyID works through early alerts and personalized methods to protect consumers from fraudulent purchases.

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