Russian Hack of SolarWinds Worse Than Previously Reported

Wednesdays statement published to the U.S. Courts’ website validates the breach of the US federal judiciary CM and ECF systems.

The Department of Justice confirmed the same day as the Judiciary branch announced, that it had been compromised by the SolarWinds hack. Homeland Security is working in conjunction with the judiciary, to carry out a full security audit, and implementing steps to ensure the security of the Case Management and Electronic Case Files systems.

The Department of Justice confirmed the hack compromised about 3% of their 100,000 employee’s emails. Other agencies that have been affected by the hack include the, Department of Homeland Security, The Treasury Department, The Department of Defense, and The Energy Department’s National Nuclear Administration.

This list of heavy hitters is only a small part of the total affected organizations though. SolarWinds reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission that 18,000 of its customers had also been compromised. Those customers include the majority of all the US Fortune 500 companies and much of the federal government.

Though the FBI and NSA both formally blamed Russia for the attack, it is still unclear as to where the source of the hack originated. Both Russia and China have denied involvement. President-elect Joe Biden described the attack on SolarWinds as “a grave threat to our national security.”